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Everyone loves their pets, and even when our dogs or cats have accidents, we still love them. However, over time your house starts to smell a little weird. There is a science behind exactly what you smell. A pet’s urine has crystals in it, which love humidity. When the humidity in the air rises, so does the smell in your carpet. The problem is not so much in the carpet, but that the urine seeps deep into the backing of the carpet, pad, and possibly the subflooring.

There is a problem that arises when the carpets are cleaned in an animal loving house. With the humidity level raised in the carpet, a unique odor hits the passerby. Often the carpet cleaner is blamed, but in many cases the carpet cleaner might think that the urine will come out simply by pre-spraying the carpet and steam cleaning them. This is not the case. There is hope however. Advantage Worx has the technology to clean deep into the carpet, backing, and pad. A solution is applied that absorbs the urine crystals, and installs a great smell. After sitting for a bit, the urine is brought out using powerful suction concentrated in that area. If the sub-flooring has not previously been damaged by urine, then most likely your problem is solved.

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